Barry Singer on Churchill Style

November 17, 2014

Barry Singer, the proprietor (since 1983) of the only non-virtual bookshop in the world devoted to the works of Winston Churchill, CHARTWELL BOOKSELLERS, in New York City, spoke to the Society on Churchill Style, the title of his highly informative 2012 book at Earnscliffe, the Residence of the British High Commissioners to Canada since 1930, thanks to the generosity of H.E. Howard Drake, and Mrs. Gillian Darke. It is actually the sub-title that tells us what and how its author tackled his subject, namely, “The Art of Being Winston Churchill”. In his address, Barry Singer recounted the saga of Churchill’s life away from politics: his pastimes, his friendships, his cars, his cigars, his books (the ones he read, not wrote), his fashion, his homes, his dining, his imbibing, and so on. In all, sides of Churchill that are light, charming, different, (occasionally) extravagant, and largely unknown.

Singer captivated the audience with his original take on a side of Churchill that people know so little about.