Churchill and Tanks event on June 19

Churchill is often credited with the invention of the tank.

SWCSO members will have an unusual opportunity to hear more about that well-known relationship of the inventive Churchill with the mechanical vehicle created, among other things, to respond to the demands of World War I trench warfare. Originally known as "landships", looking very different from what they rapidly became, travelling at the breathtaking speed of 4 mph, the tank changed the nature of land-based conflict.

The date for "Churchill and Tanks" is Thursday, June 19, 2014 at General Dynamics, 1941 Robertson Road, in Bells Corners. Canapés and beverages will be served. There will be no charge for the event. For those wishing to see the M1A1 tank, climb on it and peer into, but not enter, the rather confined interior (claustrophobics need not apply!), come to G.D. at 6:30. All others wishing to attend the presentation should be there at 7:30. Please e-mail to advise us of your intention to attend.

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