Hal Klepak speaks on Churchill in Cuba

Hal Klepak, Latin American expert, Professor Emeritus at RMC, security analyst, author of Raúl Castro and Cuba: A Military History, among other works, has brought his military background, Cuban residency, Spanish fluency, and love of Churchill together in a forthcoming ground-breaking book (out October 1), Churchill Comes of Age: Cuba 1895.

It is the first study of Churchill's first, and formative, trip as a journalist in the Spanish-American War. Much attention has, of course, been focussed on Churchill in the Boer War (1900), and even his prior experiences in the Sudan (1898) and the North-West Frontier (now Pakistan) (1897) but his Cuban adventure antedates all of those, and it has, until Dr. Klepak's work, been essentially unknown, even in the great biographies of the Great Man.

Hal Klepak regaled Churchillians in May at the Churchill Conference at Blenheim Palace (before the book was even available to the audience). This is your chance to hear him on that WSC coming of age voyage in Ottawa and to procure copies of the book that the author will inscribe for you.

Glen Hartle, who accompanied Hal Klepak around Cuba and took photographs of the places Churchill visited, many of which remain intact, as they were 120 years ago, will also be present with a number of his photographs.

If you are a member of the Sir Winston Churchill Society and would be interested in attending, please e-mail the Society.

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